Raise Awareness about Coastal Water Quality in Vanuatu



We want to protect the health of bathers, fishermen, communities and users of water areas.

01. Monitoring

Create a Data Base allowing to know exactly the water quality around Port Vila throughout the year.

02. Identify

Establish a map of regular and isolated sources of pollution.

03. Act

Work and apply effective long-term solutions to stop and anticipate sources of pollution.



Monitoring Coastal Water Quality

Our monitoring system is operational all year round at various strategic locations in Port Vila. Samples are taken at least weekly and relate to microbiological parameters.

Reporting Results

We guarantee the archiving and management of all analysis results. Thus, our database makes it possible to improve knowledge about the water quality in Port Vila.

Protocol Development

We wish to establish a protocol in order to guarantee active management of this health risk. It will be deployed in all areas of vulnerable nautical activities in Port Vila.

An alert network

We want to develop a daily alert network allowing everyone to be informed easily and free of charge on water quality.

FAQ about collecting sample.

Who takes the samples and analyzes them?

All samples are collected and analyzed by Vanuatu Services.

How do they collect water sample?

They collect water samples in a way to avoid contamination (aseptic sampling). After water samples are collected, they are stored in a cooler to prevent bacterial die-off or growth, and delivered to the laboratory generally within 2 hours of collection.

When do they collect water sample?

Water samples are taken every Wednesday in the early afternoon at the sites studied.
Samples are collected at the same time and location every week.

What do they test for and why?

We test water samples for a bacteria called enterococci. Enterococci is found in the intestines of warm blooded animals and excreted in faeces and rarely present in unpolluted waters. The bacteria is found in very high numbers in raw sewage which makes it a good indicator of sewage pollution.

Studies have shown a strong relationship between elevated levels of enterococci and illness rates in swimmers. It’s important to note that enterococci doesn’t cause illness, but its presence means there’s sewage in the water and, therefore, possibly pathogens, which do cause illness.

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